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B. SWOT For Blue Birds - Work Box (2/3)

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I love SWOT Analysis! 😍😍😍

They are a loosely guided way fo you to gather insight about the brands around you, and generate a tone of ideas for the future of your brand. 😌✨

If you don’t know, SWOT stands for:

⭐️ Strengths

Those are the traits that are working well for a company. ✨ They are things like what attracts people to them, why do people like them, what are they known for, what makes them recognizable, or sets them apart.

⭐️ Weaknesses

Those are the traits that don’t serve a company well. 💩 They might be things they are completely missing, that they might be doing poorly, a bad reputation, or clients’/customers’/workers’ complaints that are the tip the iceberg. 🧊

⭐️ Opportunities

This section is about the strategic decisions you make based on the observation of your competitors’ situation. 🧐 I’m talking about things like a decision to mimic something they are doing, taking advantage of an opportunity you see, choosing to make a move because they changed something major like their CEO, their line of products, their location, and so on.

⭐️ Threats

This last section is about the strategic decisions that your competitors do, or might do, that can become a threat to your business. 🤭 They might be things like moving closer to your location, shifting their business, or offering new products/services. 

By understanding the meaning of those 4 words, and what’s the intent behind them, you’ll be able to navigate any brand’s information with powerful observation. ✨🔭


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A message from the creative:

🍀 This printable worksheet costs $3 but you can pay as much as you like and if you feel like it. 🍀

By buying it, you would be supporting my work 💕 , but if you can't, share it with your friends, the company that you're working for, or a cousin that is building a business. 😊

Please know that all love and support is greeeeatly appreciated!

Thank you 💖🙏

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B. SWOT For Blue Birds - Work Box (2/3)

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